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Revd Helen Rees

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A little about meI was born and grew up in Cardiff. In 1999 I graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity from Cardiff University. Due to my maiden name I was one of the last graduates in the last century !After graduation I became a part time theology lecturer working for Cardiff University, Lampeter University and in, what was, Trinity College Carmarthen. In addition to this I also worked as an external marker for Spurgeon's Theological College in London and delivered courses for the Workers Education Association.I was ordained Deacon in Llandaff Cathedral in June of 2009. In this month I also gained a Master of Theology from Cardiff University.I was priested in Llandaff Cathedral in June 2010. I have served in a variety of parishes in both the Diocese of Llandaff and the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon.For me theology has been about equipping the Church and it’s members to know more about its faith. This is what led me to academic study and teaching.TeachingMy teaching has covered a variety of topics such as Church History, Christianity and community and Women in Christianity. My main area of teaching and research has always been within New Testament studies.Within the field of New Testament studies my main interests have been the gospels and the Petrine epistles.I am also responsible for teaching an Introduction to Anglican worship. As a priest and a lifelong member of the Church in Wales I relish the opportunity to research worship.Research InterestsMy research interests are the New Testament and in particular the epistle of 1 Peter, Anglican worship and also learning support for those with learning differences. As tutor in theological education I am involved in the development of our marking procedures and also in the learning support provision we offer.In my spare time I love to spend time with my family including my husband Ian, step- daughter Jessica, Son in law Gary and grandchildren Jack, Ryan and Katie. I enjoy reading and watching “Cardiff rugby” team, for whom I am a season ticket holderYou can contact me 02920 563379

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