Who’s Who

Rev’d Canon Dr Andrew Todd

Director Research and Postgraduate and Director of the Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies


Contact: andrew.todd@stpadarns.ac.uk

Tina Franklin

Administrator for the Centre for Chaplaincy Studies


Contact: tina.franklin@stpadarns.ac.uk

Dr John Wilks

Postgraduate Tutor


Contact: john.wilks@stpadarns.ac.uk

Joanna Bryant

PhD Student

Negotiated, Asserted or Assumed: The Status and Integration of Minority Faith Groups in Acute Healthcare Chaplaincy.

Website: cardiff.academia.edu/JoBryant

Colin Butler

PhD Student

An Examination of the Military Covenant in the light of the Theory of Justice by John Rawls.

Peter Phillips

Research Associate

The Role of the Anglican prison chaplain in England and Wales in the 21st Century.