Who’s Who

Rev Professor Jeremy Duff


I am the Principal at St Padarn’s, which means I lead the community, I set its direction and structures, and I am its primary ‘public face’ to the Church in Wales, and the wider community. I have a particular passion for the community’s spirituality, and its focus on formation and mission. I have an academic expertise in New Testament, which I love to teach, alongside broader issues in leadership and ministry. Most recently I was the vicar of deprived urban community near Liverpool.

Contact: jeremy.duff@stpadarns.ac.uk

Lyn Davies


Contact: lyn.davies@stpadarns.ac.uk

Tina Franklin


Contact: tina.franklin@stpadarns.ac.uk

Dr Jordan Hillebert

Tutor in Residence

Contact: jordan.hillebert@stpadarns.ac.uk

Gareth Longden


Contact: gareth.longden@stpadarns.ac.uk

Rev Professor  Mike West

Director of Formation for Licensed Ministry

Contact: mike.west@stpadarns.ac.uk

Dr John Wilks

Director of Research & Postgraduate

Contact: john.wilks@stpadarns.ac.uk

Anna Williams

Librarian and Information Officer

My role has a broad responsibility, including providing access to physical books at various centres throughout Wales to online learning resources accessible wherever there is an internet connection.

Contact: anna.williams@stpadarns.ac.uk

Ffion Williams

Assistant to the Principal

I have worked for the Church in Wales since 2012, first as the Administrator for Ministry Development based at St Michael’s College for over four years and now as Assistant to the Principal with St Padarn’s Institute. Following my graduation I worked with the Law Society. I am a first language Welsh speaker originally from North Wales and have lived in Cardiff for ten years.

Contact: ffion.williams@stpadarns.ac.uk

Rev Dr Mark Griffiths

Tutor in Missional Research

Mark was Head of Children and Family Ministry for 13 years and then went on to develop “Where Adventure Begins” and “Family Time”, initiatives to help parents communicate faith to their children. He has worked for several local churches holding positions from children’s pastor and associate pastor to senior minister. He has written 8 books primarily on family ministry and its links to church growth and has spoken at many of the countries theological colleges. He has worked with a wide mix of denominations and has spoken at many churches and conferences nationally and internationally. His PhD is in church growth and child evangelism.

Contact: markgriffiths@stpadarns.ac.uk

Kathryn Delderfield

Director of Operations

Contact: kathryndelderfield@stpadarns.ac.uk

Rev Dr Rosie Dymond

Strategist for Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD)

Contact: rosiedymond@stpadarns.ac.uk

Dr Charlie Shepherd

St Padarn’s Tutor in Monmouth

Contact: Charlie.shepherd@stpadarns.ac.uk

Dr Glen Lund

St Padarn’s Tutor in St Asaph

Contact: glen.lund@stpadarns.ac.uk

Rev Helen Rees

St Padarn’s Tutor in Swansea and Brecon

Contact: helen.rees@stpadarns.ac.uk

Mrs Julie Davies

St Padarn’s Tutor in Llandaff

Contact: julie.davies@stpadarns.ac.uk

Rev Canon Dr Rhiannon Johnson

St Padarn’s Tutor in St Davids

Contact: Rhiannon.johnson@stpadarns.ac.uk

Rev Dr Richard Hainsworth

St Padarn’s Tutor in St Asaph

Contact: richard.hainsworth@stpadarns.ac.uk

Rev Susan Blagden

St Padarn’s Tutor in Bangor

Contact: susan.blagden@stpadarns.ac.uk

Sian Trotman

Facilities Manager

Contact: sian.trotman@stpadarns.ac.uk

Holly Terrington

Library Support

Contact: holly.terrington@stpadarns.ac.uk

Jenny Sissons

CMD Researcher

Contact: jenny.sissons@stpadarns.ac.uk

Patricia Coward

CMD Administrator

Contact: patricia.coward@stpadarns.ac.uk

Jessica Skinner

Administrator, Quality and Information Services.

Contact: jessica.skinner@stpadarns.ac.uk

Jennifer Riggs

Business Administration

Contact: jenniferriggs@stpadarns.ac.uk

Karen Burnett

Catering Supervisor

Brian Ladlow


Peter Padmore

Maintenance Operative

Elaine Cartwright