University of Wales, Trinity St David

St Padarn’s is pleased to be working in partnership with the University of Wales Trinity St David to deliver the new training programme. Through its Lampeter campus, UWTSD has a long association with the Christian churches in Wales. St David’s College, Lampeter, was originally founded to pioneer Welsh university education for Welsh ordinands and St Padarn’s is delighted that UWTSD should be associated with this pioneering new venture in Christian education and ministry training.


Church in Wales

St Padarn’s is a fully-integrated part of the Church in Wales.

We have been created by the Church in Wales to be a critical part of its mission, as it pursues its 2020 Vision of flourishing churches serving local communities.

The Church in Wales is the ancient church of Wales, with its roots in the mission of Celtic saints such as St David, St Teilo and St Padarn himself, and countless others. It holds a vision for the whole of the nation, Welsh-speaking and English-speaking, urban and rural, and its churches continue to speak of God and serve the local community across the whole of Wales.

But the Church in Wales is not inward-looking or exclusive. It rejoices to partner with other Christians in Wales, and internationally, and with others who seek the common good. So too, for St Padarn’s. While it is part of the Church in Wales and accountable to it, St Padarn’s seeks to join with other Christians in Wales to work together in the service of God’s mission in our nation.

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St Michaels Centre

The St Michael’s Centre in Cardiff currently provides the office base for many St Padarn’s staff, is at the centre of our full-time ordination training community, and is used for residential gatherings for a wide range of St Padarn’s activities.

St Padarn’s is not limited to the St Michael’s Centre. Staff are based across Wales, and learning groups and events are taking place using a host of different venues the length and breadth of the nation almost daily. St Padarn’s is not a place, but a community.


Cardiff University