Professional Development

Professional Development Days for University Chaplains

Outline Programme 2016-18

  • These are free-standing professional development (CPD) days for university chaplains
  • Six CPD days will be offered 2016-18, open to all chaplains in Britain and Ireland
  • The rolling programme has been developed from experience of last two years; and following a recent survey to which 100 chaplains responded
  • Each day will offer: useful theoretical models to support chaplaincy; opportunities to engage with and share good practice
  • As an option, days can be built into a professional development programme that is accredited as individual modules or a postgraduate certificate in Chaplaincy Studies
  • The programme is delivered by the Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies in partnership with CHELG.
  • The cost of each day is £45

9th May 2016 London
Chaplaincy Pastoral Care

Approaches to pastoral care and counselling
Working with Mental Health Issues

30th November 2016 Birmingham
Reflecting on Chaplaincy

Approaches to being a reflective practitioner
Theological reflection in a multi-faith context
Working with case-studies

28th February 2017 London
The Contemporary Face of Religion and Spirituality

Understanding religious change and spirituality in the UK today
Working with religion and spirituality in the University
Relating to student faith (and other) societies 

11th May 2017 London
Multi-faith Chaplaincy in the University

The emergence of multi-faith chaplaincy (policy and practice)
The impact of Prevent
Working with multi-faith teams and spaces 

29th November 2017 York
Faith in Higher Education?

The changing interaction of faith and higher education
Working as a representative of faith and belief in the university

For further details, please contact the Centre Administrator, Tina Franklin.