Student Feedback

MTh in Chaplaincy Studies Student Feedback

Students leaving the programme complete an exit survey. The following are comments from students relating to two key questions.

In what ways has this course helped you to do your job?

  1. Has enabled me to reflect theologically on my work and look at ways in which I might improve that work.
  2. Confidence, Clarification, Wider appreciation of chaplaincy and transferable skills
  3. The course has helped me reflect on highly significant issues which I have never had time or inclination to do before. I have gained reflective and theological skills which enable me better to face and tackle tricky ethical personal and corporate dilemmas
  4. I find myself being much more theologically introspective as a military chaplain. In particular I have begun to develop my own approach to military chaplaincy as a sector ministry and find myself applying what I have read and studied in my present situation
  5. The course has helped me to examine the theological and ethical foundations of what I do, or should do
  6. Given me greater confidence to ask questions about what I do and why; to challenge those in authority over me when I think they have got it wrong, having reflected in a more academic way; to use my brain again!
  7. The course has stimulated my thinking/learning and allowed me to place work in a new and fresh perspective.
  8. It has focused my thinking on chaplaincy and made me reflect theologically in a deeper way. It has exposed me to current literature regarding chaplaincy.
  9. It has helped focus on and deepen controversial issues of chaplaincy
  10. It has allowed for an examination of aspects of chaplaincy and to view them from an academic stand point, removed from the personal. It has also encouraged a wider reading which informs ministry.
  11. I have benefited from the continued study and discipline of writing essays and meeting deadlines. It has also enabled me to develop a model of chaplaincy that I utilise continually in work as an Army chaplain.
  12. Gave me time to reflect academically on my mission and vision for chaplaincy
  13. It has certainly helped me become more reflective and strategic in thinking about the job I do


What would you tell a friend who was thinking of choosing this degree programme?

  1. It’s worth doing and very valuable
  2. A good course to deepen theological awareness and gain transferable skills. Already recommended to others
  3. I would highly recommend this course
  4. Over the past two years I have actively engaged colleagues to see the value in taking part on this course, both from a personal development point of view and as an opportunity to put the rapidly changing face of military chaplaincy into a specific theological/sociological framework which can only benefit a military chaplain in this very special and at times, misunderstood ministry
  5. Go for it!! It will expand your knowledge base – give you confidence to work in a more professional manner – enable you to be a more reflective practitioner all in an atmosphere where you are supported and valued
  6. The course is an excellent opportunity to reflect theologically on chaplaincy, and to examine particular areas of personal interest
  7. Without doubt, stop thinking about it and sign up. The course was the best piece of in service training I have undertaken in 19 years of Army Chaplaincy. The commitment required is well worth the investment of time and energy
  8. Do it
  9. I would strongly encourage anyone to follow this MTh course but the exigencies of operations and other commitments must be thought through adequately by the individual and their employer
  10. I would recommend academic study concentrating on military chaplaincy and not aware of another faculty concentrating on this so, I would encourage a friend to choose this course
  11. I would recommend it but warn them of the time commitment involved on top of regular work.
  12. I would tell any chaplain that this course is well worth doing and have encouraged my colleagues to consider putting their names forward for it
  13. As it is the only military chaplaincy specific MTh it is worth looking at closely before choosing from the wide range of less specialised courses at masters level.


Other comments

Revd Dawn Tilt, Prison Chaplain
I started the MTh in Chaplaincy Studies very naïve as far as academic work was concerned. I had no further education qualifications and lacked confidence in my ability to undertake the course, yet with the help and support of the tutors and staff at St Michael’s College, I gained more than I thought possible. Completing the course has not only increased my level of confidence but more importantly, by the mixing of different Chaplaincy disciplines, I have been given me an insight into a broad spectrum of Chaplaincy, which has helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses of my own area of ministry, and enabled me to build on these to provide a better level of service. Chaplaincy can be an isolating ministry but the friendships and connections forged through such opportunities to study and learn together, in a relaxed and stimulating environment cannot be underestimated.