MTh Chaplaincy Studies

The MTh is a postgraduate, post­-experience course which aims to develop intellectual competence and post­graduate skills, to deepen reflective practice and to develop pastoral practice. The programme therefore aims to make chaplains more effective in their roles, so that they can make an enhanced contribution within their chaplaincy work. It also provides an opportunity for exploring present and future training and educational needs within professional development. It is open to, and taken by, chaplains of different faiths.

The course is delivered in a collegiate environment which provides opportunity for reflection, prayer and worship alongside formal study.

Students leaving the programme complete an exit survey. Click here for comments from students relating to two key questions.

The MTh has a number of routes specifically tailored to the needs of each chaplaincy discipline.

Specialist subject modules are available in military, healthcare, education, and Higher Education chaplaincy. This does not mean that other areas of chaplaincy – such as sports, airport, retail centres or prisons – are not catered for. Our tutors have diverse experience, and are directly engaged with the challenges and needs of these contexts for the mission and ministry of chaplains.

Students currently on the MTh programme serve as chaplains in:

  • The British Army and Royal Navy

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Prisons

The Centre for Chaplaincy Studies would also welcome applications from chaplains in other sectors.

Chaplains on the MTh come from different world faith backgrounds and the programme is aimed at serving chaplains who work in a multi-faith and multi-cultural context.

Application: Via Cardiff University. Online application form available here.

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