Follow-up Report

March 2017

St Padarn’s Institute Follow-up Report March 2017

Periodic External Review Follow-up Report, March 2017

The St Padarn Institute has responded very positively to those recommendations of the PER report where specific action was called for. Although some key appointments are still to be made, there is already much greater structural clarity. The overall picture, a little over a year since the PER took place and under a year since the Institute officially came into existence, is very encouraging. The Principal, the Dean and other responsible staff persons deserve congratulation. The Bench of Bishops, the Dioceses and the Representative Body have backed the endeavour and funded it to the full. In my judgement, their money is being well spent. The implementation of the St Padarn vision for a whole Church in Wales ministerial training scheme for lay and ordained ministries, integrating academic study and pastoral experience in local contexts, is being prosecuted energetically, imaginatively and astutely. It is a little too soon to know how effectively the vision is being embedded in day-to-day practice throughout the enterprise. Detailed scrutiny and rigorous quality assurance procedures are needed across the board, but it is reassuring that these are steadily being put in place and that a periodic review of each major component is taking place. By the time of the next PER, the organisation should have settled down to a period of smooth running; the PER will be able to test how it is working.

St Padarn’s Institute Follow-up Report March 2017 (PDF)