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Revd John-Daniel Laurence

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I grew up in an independent Baptist church in England, and when I went to University I started worshipping at an Anglican church; it was during these student years I discerned God calling me to full time ministry of some kind. However, after a gap year working for a church, I instead pursued a career in finance in the City. After a while I realized I needed to respond to God by exploring my vocation so eventually, to the bemusement of my colleagues, I resigned from my secular career to move my wife and small children to Bristol where I trained to be a vicar at Trinity College.I was released from my sending diocese and the adventure continued as we moved the family to Wales where we have lived ever since. Having been a curate and then a team vicar in Aberystwyth, I continue to be rooted in St Davids Diocese as St Padarn’s Tutor. My wife Kellie is American, and we have five children and a dog, all of whom are bilingual to varying extents! In my free time I enjoy playing music and kicking a football about with the children or with friends.My research interestsI am interested in missional ecclesiology, in particular exploring new ways of doing church in today’s culture, also in preaching and homiletics, charismatic theology, and the interface between science and theology.You can contact me 02920 563379

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