Continuing Ministerial Development

Listening Days Report

In 2018, an invitation to participate in the initiative was extended to all licensed clergy in the Church in Wales, along with licensed readers, pastors, pioneers, evangelists and children/youth workers. In all, a total of 168 participants attended a series of 24 ‘Listening Days’ spread across the Province. A link to the report detailing the results can be seen below.

A hard copy of the Research Report below will also be sent to senior clergy and other senior members of the Church in Wales and a link to the report will be sent to each Diocese in order to forward it on to their clergy and other lay licensed ministers and workers. In addition, the 168 participants who directly contributed to the research will be contacted and thanked for their time and contribution.

Listening Days Report

If you have any further questions regarding the report. Please contact Revd Chris Burr on:

E-mail: christopher.burr@stpadarns.ac.uk

Tel: 02920 563379